The Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI) was created by Executive Order (No. EO/BRF/014 OF 2013) and Lagos State Official Gazette No 26 Vol. 47 of the 14th April 2014.

The Institute which is domiciled at PSSDC, Magodo is responsible for implementation of standardized trainings for State Law Enforcement Officers, including but not limited to officers of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI).

LETI started off in September 2012 with a 9 months pilot training – Career Evaluation Training Programme (CETP) for all serving officers of LASTMA and KAI.

CETP was designed as a comprehensive 4 week training programme, comprised of 2 weeks in class taught courses with scenario based practical sessions and 2 weeks on field projects. Team building and Community were also key components incorporated into the training,

The training was to:-

  • Determine Suitability and availability of each personnel for assigned task.
  • Achieve appropriate re orientation and professionalism of officers as well as Agencies.
  • Equip officers with requisite knowledge and skills.

Consequently, since 2013 LETI has conducted annual mandatory trainings and capacity building programme for all serving state law enforcement officers including LASTMA, KAI, NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, and VEHICLE INSPECTION SERVICE (VIS)

Vision and Mission Statement


To promote excellence in the conduct and knowledge of Lagos State Law Enforcement Officers by delivering quality training as well as developing and upholding professional standards.


To produce well trained officers who are self-motivated, interdependent, community oriented, critical – thinkers and problem solvers; thoroughly indoctrinated in the ethics, professional standards and tactical proficiency of the law enforcement profession through the development of professional standards and delivery of quality training.

LETI Core Values

  • Professionalism: Striving towards excellence in our tasks by demonstrating character and integrity while constantly educating one’s self.
  • Respect: Regarding others with honor and valuing their roles, contributions and view points
  • Integrity: Following the highest ethical standard in our working relationships, practices and decisions
  • Dedication: Seeing a task through to its end and taking responsibility for your actions
  • Excellence: dedicated to the highest quality both in our individual actions and as an institution
  • Teamwork: Working together to achieve a common goal while overcoming difference and working through obstacles one may encounter.


The under listed are the functions of LETI as mandated by the official gazette:-

  • Set recruitment standards for officers to be engaged in law enforcement in Lagos State and to facilitate the implementation of those standards.
  • Prescribe training curricular, courses of study and attendants requirements for relevant employees.
  • Implement training and induction programmes for new recruits and serving officers at all levels.
  • Prescribe ethical and disciplinary standards in line with international best practices and monitor the implementation of those standards.
  • Tactically and technically equip relevant employees to perform their statutory duties optimally.
  • Encourage teamwork and inter Agency coordination and cooperation in all areas of operation.
  • Promote principles of professionalism, discipline and integrity.
  • Set promotion standards and prescribe a schedule of refresher and promotion courses for employees in relevant cadre.
  • Issue certificates of merit in respect of the various courses offered by the institute.
  • Offering training and consultancy services to other interested persons or Agencies as may from time to time be approved.
  • To perform such other functions as may be referred to it from time to time by the head of service in relation to its core mandates


  1. The Head of LETI office
  2. The Admin & Human Resources Department
  3. The Account Department
  4. The ICT-Unit
  5. The Regimental Training Unit
  6. The Planning Unit
  7. The Procurement Unit
  8. The Audit Unit
  9. The Research, Innovation and Development Unit



Block B, 2nd Floor


You can reach us with any of the websites below:,

Instagram: LETI-Lagos, facebook: Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute

OFFICE TEL. NO: 09062000271, 09062000272