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Responsibilities:Law Enforcement Training Institute,LETI


The institute offers the under listed categories of training:

  1. Recruit Basic Training

The purpose of the basic training is to provide a supportive nurturing environment that will identify core competencies which include knowledge and skill required for satisfactory performance of entry level tasks. The basic training programs comprise a set of core competencies required for satisfactory performance of entry level tasks including both knowledge and skills identified through the job task analysis and additional abilities in areas of professional orientation, human relations and ethical use of discretion.


  1. Mandatory-In-Service Training

This is a critical continuing education training that would ensure proficiency in necessary for the skills, familiarize officers with new developments and techniques and achieve a revitalized sense of compassion, professionalism and career interest. On completion of two years probation period in service, all officers must begin in service training.


  • Promotion Training

This program is designed to prepare officers for the roles and responsibilities that come with advancement in their Law Enforcement Career.


  1. Specialized Training

Specialized courses will be designed and implemented as necessitated as necessitated by job task analysis, legislation and advances in technology and the state of knowledge regarding law enforcement practices.